Roadtrip Alps and North-Italy

A long holiday in the Alps and Italian Prealps.

First to national park Hohe Tauern – Austria. With a lot of extra km because of the bad weather, floodings road damage. Mountain hut tour with brother and 2 friends.

After that continue alone with minicamper Kangoo, to Friule mountains, visit a friend in Caldonazzo, have a look here and a look there, on to Lake Como, do a week of mountaintrekking in the Alps of Bergamo (Alpi Oribi Bergamasche), look at some houses around Sondrio-Val Valtellina, drive all passes and serpentineroads that I could find, walk 2 days in view of the Ortler massive and return to NL.

There are 5 photoseries, all combined in 1 album. Click HERE

Route to the Alps (1061km), through prealps (648km) and back home (1134 km). It was hard work for the car this time.


Home ?

Walk around my town of birth Sittard – where the Dutch mountains begin!


Short trip to nationale park Groote Peel – peatswamp

Korte tip naar de Groote Peel, nog nooit eerder geweest!

Outdoors in the Veluwe

Click image to see some of the beauty of the Veluwe forests and heather landscapes.

Three days of exploring on foot and bicycle, based at a campsite in Otterlo.

More spring in South Limburg

A few windy and cold days hiking, cycling and enjoying the peacefull nature.

Click the picture.

Sperwer in de tuin! 1 Duif minder

Call of the Wild