Greenland trekking


Three weeks in east-Greenland with Nunatak tours. 17 Days walking and camping in the wild. And in good company of 12 fellow hikers. Excellent way to spend a holiday. Click the pick!

Here is a map.

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Ascharina – Ratikon autumn colors

A sunny week in a beautiful area in Switserland.
Organised by: Sleeping in Herberge Ascharina.

sankt antonien.

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The program that we had :

Day 1 Around and up the Eggberg.
Day 2 Around the Sulzfluh and Scheienfluh peaks.
Day 3 A forest walk to village of Schiers.
Day 4 Sumitting the panorama mountain Chruz.
Day 5 Hike to Silvretta hut and glacier trail.
Day 6 Sumitting the Sulzfluh.

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Flowers of Switserland in 2018

Some of the zillion flowers I have seen this summer in the Swiss Alps.

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Part 3 of the Swiss-Italian Alps

Val Bedretto, a gem.

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To the source of Rhein, Rhone, Reuss, walking the Alps in 3 stages, part 2

Walking to 3 riversources in the Swiss Alps and to the river-tripoint at Witenwasserenstock.

It lies between the valleys of Geretal (west) and Witenwasseren (north-east). At the foot of the mountain are located the Geren and Witenwasseren Glaciers. The tripoint between the cantons of Valais, Uri and Ticino (3,025 m) is located 300 m east from the summit. It acts as a notable watershed. On the west the Gerenwasser ends in the young Rhone, on the east the Witenwasserenreuss ends in the Reuss, a tributary of the Rhine and, on the east, the Ri di Bedretto ends in the Ticino (in the Leventina), a tributary of the Po.

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Berner Oberland walking the Alps in 3 stages, part 1

From Meiringen to Kandersteg. Click photo or here for the Switserland album.

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